StaticOptimizer is a cloud service that optimizes and compresses static files (images, JavaScript, CSS, fonts) making it load faster & your life easier.

No database or files changes are performed therefore there’s no risk if you decide to not use the service at some point (… but why would you?)
If our optimization servers are down (upgrade, maintenance or outage) your original files will be loaded instead.

  • Easy to set up. Just get your API key and you’re good to go.
  • Automatic js and css minification & compression
  • Automatic image optimization (gif, jpeg, png)
  • Files are reloaded only when they are changed on your server (or deleted from ours).
  • Our servers check and if the visitor’s browser support webp that’s what we’ll serve.
  • We’ve put extra efforts to make the WordPress plugin as efficient as possible.
  • Simple to use
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Static file optimization by StaticOptimizer