Are the images on the server optimized?
No. We download your files, do some optimization and compression and then serve them from our servers.
Do you have paid plans?

Not yet but we’re working on it at the moment.
You can add yourself to the list and get notified. You’ll get a better rate for being on the list.


Does it work with WordPress multisite?

Yes, it’s in beta now that means that there could be some glitches here and there.
You can centrally control the settings of the plugin.

This would be very useful if you’re reselling WordPress services.

How can I integrate it on my website?

If you’re using WordPress it’s a matter of several clicks to start using it.

We’ll have a php library that you can include if you’re using another software based on php.


How can I use it?

If you’re using WordPress you can use our plugin and it will guide you how to create an API key and start using it.

No technical knowledge is required

How is it different than traditional CDN (content delivery networks) ?

Our setup is super simple and you just need to activate the WordPress plug-in create an account and you’re good to go we’ll take care of everything else such as image optimizations, compression etc.

Our plugin points your files to be passed through our servers and we’re doing the rest.

How often are the files downloaded/updated?

The files are updated only when they change on your server.

Is there a free plan?

Yes, we do have a free plan. When you need more resources you can always upgrade.

What are the benefits of using StarticOptimizer?

Easy to set up. Just get your API key and you’re good to go.
No DNS tweaks
Automatic js and css minification & compression
Automatic image optimization (gif, jpeg, png)
Files are reloaded only when they are changed on your server (or deleted from ours).
Free plan

What if your servers are down?

If our servers are down your files will load from your own server.

We’ve implemented some checks with JavaScript so we can handle that situation well.

Of course with any software there is a chance for glitches and let us know if you run into a glitch

Who is this for?

StaticOptimizer is for web site owners, hosting companies, ecommerce stores who have lots of images.
Sites with other static files can benefit of it as well.

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